Sometimes its easier to fly away like a butterfly just after hatching from a cocoon, not a moment to spare with such eagerness not even waiting for the delicate wings to dry…white wings…opening to flight to soar so far from here… somewhere far, far away, where no one knows…it is a safe place…noone can touch me, see me or hear me, More important I cannot see, hear or touch them…I drift slowly into silence…no noise just peace… allowing the most purest light of love, one that I had never experienced before, trusting it as it slowly encircles me with a soft glow so Fierce, yet it delicately envelopes my tiny child-like body with a powerful white and yellow light sending the most magnificent rays of Gold down into my soul filling the empty part of me that hurts so much… I am sitting inside ..I look like a young girl, sitting this celestial bubble with my legs folded, crisscross, like I did in grade school.  I seem to be looking down looking at something in my hands that I am guarding, protecting it, so it must be important to me, but however hard I try I can not see what this precious item is.  I now am now protected from those who shout at me, they do not know they are shouting so loudly…my ears hurt from their voices, those who hurt their pain is so bad…it pulls me into their pain, those who bypass all and sing a different tune…they are READY, SET, GO, GO, GO…and keep on going and then there are those who know, they are waiting, waiting for what? They seem to know something is going to happen but what is it, what is going to happen?
Then the phone rings, I am back…back to what I do not wish to do …more doctors and more doctors, maybe they know whats is wrong…I feel it inside me its KILLING ME, I beg for them to take away my very pain…always the same answer, physical analysis shows that I a SUPER…if I am super, then why do I feel so horrible all the time? The pain in my body is horrible, the agony every time I think of doing something different shows grimaces on my face…Why don’t they see I am SICK? I am asking them to tell me Yes you need help…I offer you a helping hand, we can figure this out together…Then nothing. I don’t know how to tell them, to show them what I need and I am embarrassed, maybe others don’t feel this way? Everyone seems to think I am doing it to myself, well maybe I am maybe I am in such a situation that I can cause myself to be sick. What if the very thing I am thinking of is becoming my reality…What if I am becoming the very Sick thing that has been hiding somewhere deep on the inside of me “that one secret” no one must ever know…what if that is becoming my outside and making me sick…

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Lily's CottagePhotography and Inspriational Stories ... Just a Bit of Peace in a Hectic World...

My name is Kristie. My story begins with my eyes opening, yes I was so blinded by my environment that the TRUE ME could not be seen, it was quietly swept under the mat...and kept there for a very long time. I am a Girl, just a regular Girl. I was born in Mesa, AZ when the desert was seen for miles and miles, before the buildings took there place. My back yard gate opened up to a desert field with trees, bushes and light, dusty dirt. I made many forts as a child in that was a place for me to go...sometimes I would sneak out the house just in time to open that back gate and with my little night gown still on and bare feet and walk in to the open field to watch the wonderous sun rise over the Superstition Mountains. It was amazing. I grew up and graduated high school in Arizona, went to college and graduated...I had no Idea at 44 years old how my life would change. Life is Challenge, a lesson, an understanding and a Gift...I can only hope that readers will find themselves and find that Gift through the process of change....

3 thoughts on “THE GIRL WHO CRIED WOLF”

  1. Kristy you are me and I am you! My brain rests knowing that I’m not insain.But my heart weeps that someone eles is enduring such pain and battle as I do.


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