I had a vision of me, although my physical form was unrecognizable at was seeing from the outside… I was on a very large, rocky hill or mountain and I looked as I do now.  I had bare feet, felt ragged and tired and my gown was worn and dirty I was squatting or kneeling with my face down…A Great voice told me to stand, I was weary but stood up, I held out my arms like a bird..opened my eyes to SEE people everywhere running, fighting, evil among the chaos of the world…I held out my hands, my mouth opened and fire blazed from it continuously….like a dragon…then an Angel was behind me..He was extremely Giant…He had a double edged sward on his back..the case or what held the sward was white edged in beautiful sparking whispers gold that played the most fierce yet glorious music, Melodies that i had never heard with my physical ears …there were many more Angels behind him, so many I cannot count, all like him, yet He seemed to be in doubt of that…I looked out from the rocky mount I stood on with this miraculous, loving and Enormous Angel behind me, fire blazing out my mouth and arms spread if I am announcing that A GREAT BATTLE HAS BEGUN .

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Lily's CottagePhotography and Inspriational Stories ... Just a Bit of Peace in a Hectic World...

My name is Kristie. My story begins with my eyes opening, yes I was so blinded by my environment that the TRUE ME could not be seen, it was quietly swept under the mat...and kept there for a very long time. I am a Girl, just a regular Girl. I was born in Mesa, AZ when the desert was seen for miles and miles, before the buildings took there place. My back yard gate opened up to a desert field with trees, bushes and light, dusty dirt. I made many forts as a child in that was a place for me to go...sometimes I would sneak out the house just in time to open that back gate and with my little night gown still on and bare feet and walk in to the open field to watch the wonderous sun rise over the Superstition Mountains. It was amazing. I grew up and graduated high school in Arizona, went to college and graduated...I had no Idea at 44 years old how my life would change. Life is Challenge, a lesson, an understanding and a Gift...I can only hope that readers will find themselves and find that Gift through the process of change....

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