Continuing The Climb To Save My Life

11800176_937670689623157_3723908993361634760_nI have been to so many places in my life so far… some places I have gone to, I don’t wish to return, yet there are other places I visit often…I visit them in my mind, sometimes I am physically present but my mind is off else where. I SEE people, places and things around me and I wonder Why??? Why such chaos and desperation, suffering, school shootings, I could go on and on and how easy is it to place blame on someone else…See the blame or fear or whatever you wish to call it is there, it’s been created now. So now What shall I do with it…???? It is quite a boggling question for me, So I ASK THE WORLD AS A WHOLE, what should we do with it.  I don’t know much about somethings but I do know how to LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY … I have noticed in my life and my walk with lilies, that something special happens when a person is forgotten, deprived of survival tools to live and continues to love unconditionally and YES I mean love everyone, even the ones in prison or who are wicked in there ways Everyone deserves to be loved by something or someone. I believe we all need to be seen, heard and believed…that simple. I wish everyone a REBIRTH into getting to know themselves and having enough courage to learn and find our TRUE PURPOSE IN LIFE…I wish all the best to everyone…keep climbing, if it was easy everyone who do it, so yes you are special!

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Lily's CottagePhotography and Inspriational Stories ... Just a Bit of Peace in a Hectic World...

My name is Kristie. My story begins with my eyes opening, yes I was so blinded by my environment that the TRUE ME could not be seen, it was quietly swept under the mat...and kept there for a very long time. I am a Girl, just a regular Girl. I was born in Mesa, AZ when the desert was seen for miles and miles, before the buildings took there place. My back yard gate opened up to a desert field with trees, bushes and light, dusty dirt. I made many forts as a child in that was a place for me to go...sometimes I would sneak out the house just in time to open that back gate and with my little night gown still on and bare feet and walk in to the open field to watch the wonderous sun rise over the Superstition Mountains. It was amazing. I grew up and graduated high school in Arizona, went to college and graduated...I had no Idea at 44 years old how my life would change. Life is Challenge, a lesson, an understanding and a Gift...I can only hope that readers will find themselves and find that Gift through the process of change....

2 thoughts on “Continuing The Climb To Save My Life”

  1. Thank you Kristie, when I read your blog it brings out many things in me little things that I take for granted. I have had the pleasure of living in Arizona for over 20 years as well & I learned to meditate in the beauty of the mountains & desert as well. I enjoy reading your blog, it makes me thankful for everything I have at this point in my life. It & God have made me able to get through all that I have lived. I am forever grateful to have friends like you. Thank you for blogging!
    Hugs, Donna


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