I Remember You before I Was Born


When she woke in the heavens, she put on her grey cap, she kept her gaze on the Lord; it was so bright, soft and SO much Love. She took a deep breath and a loud sigh, licked her dry lips and with barely enough moisture so that when She answered Him with a mouth as dry as the desert, replied, “I accept but I will not be able to gain trust, or for me to have the understanding of such things no one wants to talk about, unless I GO through “it” for myself, I understand my journey will be brutal at times, but once I have survived, from your strength alone from addiction, obesity and emotional and physical abuse, once I can say for myself that I have done what they had done and more, it is then I will be able to sit at their table because I AM one too.”
And So she was born determined to connect with people and teach them, love them and finally set them to free to Goodness. She came in aware of what her purpose in this world was to become. Her Hair stood fuzee and black, like the whistling of white feathers across the new born skin.
She looked into the Mother’s eyes and knew her projected energy wrapping me in a blanket of love by her very soul. The energy that surrounded her mother was misty white and gold with streams of red and it was then at that moment that she recognized her mother, then gazed to her left to see her father, she remembered she picked them before she was born, they were precisely selected just for this one mission . There were sounds that was unfamiliar sound to her although she knew she would be learning in time what her tiny body and mind would allow. Her strength herself was heard by the loud cries that were soothed by her mother.20180124_124643