Menopause Is Not For Whimp’s

To  tell you the Truth, I thought pasifires stuffed in a diaper bag, baby in my arm noticing the drooling down to my black slacks for work that I marvelously wiped off with spit tissue paper leaving a lovely off-black at tiny bit of tissue paper for my boss to see. I was doing such a good job with running out the door, when my  almost 3 year old started yanking at your shirt saying “I got to pee, I got to pee,” then pouty face says with tear all curled up brown eyes says, “tits ok I did it anyways,” was triple A ‘s in being a mom on the move!

So fast forward many years down baseball leagues, cheer try outs, proms, and graduation. Then to find how lovely and peaceful your life is, in all this spare time I have, geeze Wow…it last about a second before running the children’s rooms, going through albums and basic crying for the children to come home I am Mom, RIGHT! AH No they are off having fun Country Thunder and dancing to the Moon in Arizona skies.

Now mom is making out the next “let’s Gather” while snuffling her nose and eyes in a tissue she twisted and knotted so into catastrophe for the century that her child HAVE LEFT HER! hehe

Then Come the hormone changes that NOBODY has talked about while we women are all sweating in the same room….

More to come once I find my way out the Poise isle, just lovely