Virus Or Victory, Which Wolf Do You Feed

In this moment when the world is seeming so big and pushing in front door open and everything and every thought seems to turn in circles in your mind from fear of “what if” “should I,” until you find yourself not being able to do anything, just turning circles, attempting to connection with some sort of reason to keep you moving.

It is at is impossible point when ALL is possible! The first thing we can look at is can I change what is happening right to me if not set it aside, if so how what action do I need to take to make this happen. I always imagine myself standing in the middle of a hula-hoop, the things that pile up and are outside my hula-hoop I need to set aside because I can’t change or begin to work on that yet. So I look at what is front me and sometimes I see laundry, work, and bill or how to pay them. It is so easy to let this thought get out of control. So each day I begin new and that is so important, I cannot take yesterdays worrying into today. So I get up and make a choice of how I will spend my day from the moment my feet hit the ground.

I like to begin with the thought that today everything is ok. In todays world it is easy to to start the day with a thought to conquer the day and it ends up piling up to a big bunch of negative mess-up that puts more pressure on tomorrows me. In short is easy to compile total chaos in your mind.

I have reached a time in my life when self care is so important. I have to take a stand and thing when something arises, “is this what is best for me.” When I do this I empower what we have in front of us now.  I walk along take the parts of life that are good for me and nourish who I am meant to today. I have found such freedom from the worst fear because I know I can stop myself a look at my pendulum and evaluate if it is in balance or not, or what do I need to do to create harmony.  I will not be perfect nor do I try, I have done things in my life I wish I could hide under a blanket for but I know others are human and made from love and to live and to do the actions required to be a better person today than I was yesterday means everything to me.

So with the world the way it is today with this virus, I know I cannot change, but I can chose the way I react and chose who I want to be in this and what part I play to give back and support and love other people.

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