The Climb…





The Climb is difficult for me to share, however the power within me leads me back to the same mountain range with peaks and valleys are far as I can see. When I am at the very tip top of my mountain, it is there I can catch a glimpse of what TRUTH looks like for me. I have learned, in the last couple of days especially, if I am truthful, even if that very truth causes me to feel as if I were a delicate chandelier, made of the most beautiful  crystal with purple sparkles, Golden whites and starlight’s of  shimmer  right above a enormous entry way, with a panino singing the softest echo’s of all that has made me to be, only I am merely anchored with nothing more than  small string of floss…ready to sadder at the slightest touch…It is there I have Nothing to fear!

I remember waking to the day I it hit me with the reflection staring right back at me as I quickly washed my face and brushed my teeth, not wanting to acknowledge the 190lbs that I had weighed in on that morning. It was like I woke up one day at this weight, I couldn’t recall the events that lead to “me” I was just stuck with, well a 5 foot 2 inches woman with a waist measuring in clothing a 17 women’s. I couldn’t believe this was me, at first I thought is this some sort of punishment for the wrong I have done or I am going to become an even larger blob and how the heck do I get myself out of this BIG mess???

It was in this moment of thinking, a sudden switch had flipped… to be continued 180742_155747881148779_8007180_n